Creating unique and competitive product for our clients

Leveraging our technologies and experiences earned through over 80 years and
using variety of raw materials for instance wood pulp, Manila hemp and chemical fibers,
Daifuku has created wide range of unique and competitive special papers for our clients.


  • Innovation
    Innovate variety of special papers through our technologies and expertise
  • One Stop
    From product development to mass scale production
  • Flexibility
    Produce variety of products in small scale

Core Technologies and Characteristics

Focused on being an R&D company

Since our founding, we at Daifuku Paper have launched a remarkable number of competitive products in our capacity as a developer of special paper. It is no exaggeration to say that the history of our products follows the same trajectory as our technological development. However, the pace of technological advance is relentless in every field of industry, and the needs of the market continue to grow more sophisticated and diverse. Going forward, we intend to become an industry leader in special paper products as a manufacturing partner with our customers.

Our Paper Manufacturing Technology

【 All-in-one solutions 】

We handle not only the development process in-house, including test bench prototypes, test machine prototypes, and production machine prototypes, but also production, sales, and quality assurance for the final product.

【 Diverse sheet formation methods 】

A variety of paper-making methods are possible using cylinder molds for paper with excellent longitudinal strength, short molds that allow the longitudinal and latitudinal strength ratio to be adjusted, and even combinations of two cylinder molds or a cylinder mold with a short mold.

【 Diverse paper-making ingredient selection 】

We can produce special paper types with special properties by selecting from a diverse selection of paper-making ingredients, including not only wood pulp but also non-wood pulp fibers such as Manila hemp and chemical fibers such as vinylon and polyester.

【 Paper-making technology for using powders and other unusual ingredients 】

By using proprietary technology to incorporate inorganic powders such as alumina and talc as well as metal foil and tea leaves, we can produce special paper types with added functionality and creativity.

【 Paper-making technology for thin paper 】

We can produce thin, strong paper using the traditions we have inherited for making traditional Japanese paper on machines. This paper is used in a wide range of product categories, including paper thread, electrical capacitor paper, and base paper for doublesided tape.

【 Bilayer paper-making technology 】

This technology allows us to make two paper layers out of raw materials and then stick them together as a single sheet before drying. This prevents the paper from having through-holes that would render it defective. Additionally, using different ingredients for the two layers lets us create paper using different materials for the front and back.

【 Impregnation and coating technology 】

We can process paper to be coated or impregnated with water based resin. A variety of special paper types can be produced by applying a saturation, barrier, and release coated process to the base paper.




Contacting us

We address the customer’s needs, from producing base paper to processing and finishing. To start the process, please contact us by email or by phone.




Interviewing the customer

Our sales per sonnel will inter view the customer to a s k about their required application, functionality, budget, delivery schedule, and so on. (This can also be done through online videoconference or by teleconference.) Our R&D personnel might sit in on these discussions.




Providing an estimate

Based on the customer interview, we provide an initial estimate. Providing the estimate is free of charge.




Creating samples

Our sales, R&D, and production departments collaborate to consider which materials, mixing ratio, and paper-making conditions will meet the customer’s needs. Samples are then created using a test machine.


Fix Specification


Finalizing the specifications

After the customer has evaluated the samples, we create a prototype using the production machinery. Our departments collaborate on any issues that occur during actual production in order to investigate and fix them, and then we finalize the specifications.




Mass production

After finishing the processes described above, we finally proceed with mass production. We also take responsibility for conducting follow-up after delivery.

We would be happy to answer any questions you have about our products,
our services, or our company. We are looking forward to hearing from you !!

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